Fractional CFO Services

We offer full accounting and CFO services for organizations that require less than a full time resource, and for those that prefer to focus on their core competencies while working with Great Lakes CFO to provide these strategic services.  We help you focus on growing your business, while we manage your accounting functions and provide strategic Controller & CFO level support. We provide these services in both a on-site and virtual engagements.

A clear understanding of your organization’s finances enables your leadership team and associates to make the timely decisions needed to win in the marketplace.  We help you develop high value financial reports and models, as well as consistent and professional financial reporting that helps you communicate with external stakeholders.  Our experience in developing activity based costing and pricing models provides clarity as to where cost and profit comes from, which leads to improvements in your organization’s overall cost structure and an understanding of the types of products and customers that drive your profits.


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