Our Services

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Great Lakes CFO works locally in traditional on-site engagements, and we are looking to grow our impact nationally through our virtual CFO services and select engagements with like-minded companies.


Fractional CFO Services

We offer full accounting and CFO services for organizations that require less than a full time resource, and for those that prefer to focus on their core competencies while working with Great Lakes CFO to provide these strategic services.  We help you focus on growing your business, while we manage your accounting functions and provide strategic Controller & CFO level support. We provide these services in both a on-site and virtual engagements.

A clear understanding of your organization’s finances enables your leadership team and associates to make the timely decisions needed to win in the marketplace.  We help you develop high value financial reports and models, as well as consistent and professional financial reporting that helps you communicate with external stakeholders.  Our experience in developing activity based costing and pricing models provides clarity as to where cost and profit comes from, which leads to improvements in your organization’s overall cost structure and an understanding of the types of products and customers that drive your profits.


Strategic Support

Today’s CFO is a key partner in the development of winning business strategies.  We can help you navigate today’s evolving strategic landscape.  Many small organizations lack the full spectrum of human capital needed to develop and execute a well rounded, fully considered strategy.  Larger organizations often benefit from an outside perspective.  We establish long-term partnerships with your leadership team – accelerating the growth of the organization and the success of your functional leaders.

Managing the strategic and financial processes often reduces the ability of leaders to fully participate in those vital discussions, and many organizations find significant value in allowing an outsider to lead such processes.

At Great Lakes CFO, we are here to help you create greatness in your organization.



Positive Business

Most organizations lack a clear vision or tools that help all staff understand and run the business.  Some see employees as a means to an end, even as people from whom they need to protect the company.  The best partner with their associates in running  the business.  They work together to develop a clear vision of the future, the understanding of which allows all associates to make decisions everyday that impacts the company and its bottom lines in positive ways.  The best develop and report upon key financial, operational, and stakeholder metrics regularly.  Some even adopt open book management, which magnifies the impact of associates throughout the organization.

At Great Lakes CFO, we strongly believe in positive business practices and are constantly seeking to learn and implement new knowledge that will help our company, and our clients’ organizations thrive like never before.  We invite you to join us on this journey.  We would love the opportunity to work with you to help your business have a more positive impact on your associates’ lives, the health of the your community and the planet, and certainly your bottom line.

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